R04: Sochi, Russia
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Team Budget Ranking
The team with the highest budget at the end of the season wins. Because the basic idea of the game is to collect as many points as possible, following points should be noticed: A team is penalized by 1 Mio. per -5 team change points in a race. A team is also penalized by 1 Mio. per 10 Mio. cash balance available in a race. Remark: The penalties are only applied within the Team Budget Ranking in case of equal team values and have no effect on the team budget.
Pos. Team Owner Points Overall Pos. Team Value Penalty
1.Mubin Racing TeamSchumacher4P32
PFRL World Champion 2015, 2016
PFRL Constructors World Champion 2015, 2016
PFRL Professional League Winner 2013
National PFRL Champion Turkey 2013, 2014, 2015
PFRL Top 25 Contender 2016
PFRL Top 25 Constructor 2016
TUR257524.91 Mio0 Mio
2.Scuderia SwishKatzevonSwishN
National PFRL Champion United Kingdom 2014
GBR244928.91 Mio0 Mio
3.Kimi98JONDOOSUI2351224.91 Mio0 Mio
4.Bouch Barrow BoysBouchGBR28458.90 Mio0 Mio
5.QuickOllieurbachracerGER27998.90 Mio0 Mio
6.The Racing LinesDave AlexanderGBR276116.90 Mio0 Mio
7.LSV RACING IILSV11BRA276120.90 Mio0 Mio
8.DeliveroooooooFreddie MerucryGBR273159.90 Mio0 Mio
9.Back of the GridmalcdalGBR272185.90 Mio0 Mio
10.Trumps Giant WallFreddie MerucryGBR270207.90 Mio0 Mio
11.MelusinebasseckGER268253.90 Mio0 Mio
12.Stroll in da parkDnoGBR264347.90 Mio0 Mio
13.squonk racingdavid mcavoyGBR257497.90 Mio0 Mio
14.Remember 1314Dave BruceGBR257526.90 Mio0 Mio
15.Dyslexic 1FtonedepearGBR254612.90 Mio0 Mio
16.BetaHazziGER253621.90 Mio0 Mio
17.UnasMCMSRB252665.90 Mio0 Mio
18.Snap Shot RacingTodasiR
PFRL Rookie League Winner 2008
GBR252668.90 Mio0 Mio
19.Gus TeamGus (R)HUN252681.90 Mio0 Mio
20.lover1-Team2-lover1SUI245900.90 Mio0 Mio
21.QuickEggurbachracerGER244934.90 Mio0 Mio
22.Piston BrokewobblesGBR243989.90 Mio0 Mio
23.Pedal on MetalPedalOnMetal (R)FRA2411029.90 Mio0 Mio
24.GWSHA LEOLeo Chen (R)CHN2411036.90 Mio0 Mio
25.GartenkralleGaKra Motors428T
PFRL World Champion 2011, 2013
PFRL Constructors World Champion 2010, 2011
PFRL Champions Racing League Winner 2010
PFRL Cup Winner 2015
National PFRL Champion Switzerland 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
PFRL Top 25 Constructor 2016
SUI2401064.90 Mio0 Mio
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153 Race 4 014
828 Sochi, Russia (28.4.2017-30.4.2017) 246

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