R08: Le Castellet, France
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15.04.2017 09:03:47
  4 free changes


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15.04.2017 14:23:11
"[...]but of course Vettel and the Ferrari engine don't raise your budget a penny."

We don't know that for sure. Perhaps Vettel wins the race in Bahrain (+1 Mio. to his cost), possibly in a 1-2 for Ferrari (+1 to Ferrari (factory engine) cost), causing the engine to pass Mercedes for P1 in the engine points (resulting in another +1 for the Ferrari engine cost after the ordinary cost adjustment).

The prediction arrows only take into account the ordinary cost adjustment; the other possible cost changes (e.g. win bonus, retirement drop) do not factor into it. And even then, they assume that the components will score the predicted points (in blue numbers) in the upcoming race. They're a nice tool for identifying opportunities for budget movement (much easier than using spreadsheets or doing it manually), but it is best to consider the likelihood of those things happening, as well as changes to component point rankings outside of what the system predicts.


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15.04.2017 10:32:53
You have 5 free changes prior to race 3. Then you are able to activate 1 additional free change 4 times a season. On Pro level you still can make additional changes with 5 penalty points per change.


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