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GaKra Motors

Registered: 02.03.2006
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10.03.2018 20:17:22
  Together we can make PFRL great again
To everybody out there who enjoys this game:

I am sure you agree with me that PFRL has always been great, is great and will remain great as long as it exists, so it is neither necessary nor possible to "make PFRL great again". But if you are reading this now, the title did its job well. However, even though PFRL is huge, the decrease of players is huge, too. This trend has been going on for years now, but this year the situation is downright deplorable. Two weeks before the start of the season, not even half as many teams as last year subscribed. Maverick mentioned in German forum that the end of the game might be near if it goes on like that, and we sure don't want that. But the good thing is, we still have two weeks to prove to Maverick that his statistics about decreasing numbers ain't nothing but fake news and that despite the constant negative trend covfefe. In German forum, some great people decided to spread the word on social media, and Maverick said that every support is welcome. So everybody who enjoys this game and wants it to go on for a long time, please recommend PFRL to your friends and also invite people here via social media. When it comes to playing PFRL, we need more people who shout #metoo , so if there is an opportunity to attract someone here, grab it by the ... well, just take it. Thank you very much.

To everybody who likes the game but thinks it ****s that the same bunch of people always wins the titles:

The more contenders we have, the more likely someone can drain the swamp.

To everybody out there who doesn't like this game and for some reason still reads this:

Don't just swallow your anger! Do something! Invite someone you hate!


Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Sure, I have huge respect for all PFRL veterans... and I have to admit I'm fond of Slovene women, too. But neither am I going to brag with my huge collection of trophies nor would I want anyone to crash into a wall at GP Mexico. Just saying.

GaKra Motors

Registered: 02.03.2006
Location: Switzerland
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04.08.2018 16:49:27
If you go to overall ranking, you can see a P for "pro" behind first three player names and an E for "expert" behind yours.
Or you can go to Rankings --> More --> A/P/EX-Ranking and then you will find yourself on top.

And of course the season is not over yet, but it can't hurt to be in a good position by now.

As for recruiting new players for next year and especially running ads, I think it would be best to wait til January.

Registered: 14.03.2015
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29.07.2018 22:14:28
together we can make pfrl great again 
Dear Gakra:

Thanks for pointing that out; I can't find that stat, though I saw it earlier in the season.

You are still the champ. I am comin after ya.

Tell me how to run ads and recruit more players for next year.

By the way they don't give prizes at half-time.

GaKra Motors

Registered: 02.03.2006
Location: Switzerland
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28.07.2018 11:39:09
Hey, Alan, awesome performance so far... it made me smile to see you are the best player with ERS at the moment and only three players without it in front of you. Good luck and enjoy the race.

GaKra Motors

Registered: 02.03.2006
Location: Switzerland
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07.04.2018 13:34:04
Thank you, Alan. I was glad when I saw you back way before the season started, and in expert mode no less... and I was really impressed when you declared that you don't want to complain a single time all season long. I hope there won't even be a reason. Sorry for your bad luck with Haas guys, but in the end it was just that - bad luck. Other than that it was the right and logical decision to choose them. Good luck and enjoy the race!


Registered: 14.03.2015
Location: Denmark
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05.04.2018 20:33:03
make pfrl great again 
Loved your post champ. Little things have gotten me down in the past but dear God I love this game. I, too, had the Haas boys; EXASPERATING!! See you at the track.

GaKra Motors

Registered: 02.03.2006
Location: Switzerland
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26.03.2018 19:00:30
Alas(ka), I'm sorry you feel like that, but I'm sure you won't regret your decision to play this season, and I wish you the luck that is necessary to cross the gap between setting up a good team and winning trophies. Sometimes you can make the right decision and still lose. I speculated with a podium rank in first race and then both my drivers Magnussen and Grosjean went out because mechanics made the same mistake twice. Big bummer, but what can you do? Keep playing and luck will eventually be on your side.

Alaska FX

Registered: 17.02.2013
Location: USA
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22.03.2018 22:18:12
No disrespect, but.... 
It's just not fun anymore for a fan and player like me..... I want to support all the hard work that goes into this...but I arrive at the same spot every time....It's become very boring. I shall play one more year, but only because something is better to nothing at least for the moment. Again, no disrespect intend. Good Day from Alaska and have a good season :>


Registered: 04.02.2014
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11.03.2018 09:59:11
gogogo. we can make pfrl great again. its not all about sozial media. ask your friends, spam in the f1-part of your sport-websites, go all out on the streets and spread flyers :D but no joke, we are a few really smart player, who can with spending some hours of time surely find some ways to satisfy some new player for our favorite browser game. so, now! lets get out of our asses and give maverick some help. he and his game deserves it!!

new facebook-site is coming today. now maybe you can reflect your own ways.

some examples from maverick:


new facebooksite now online https://www.facebook.com/pfrl.net/


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11.03.2018 06:26:22
When I remember I retweet Mav's PFRL posts and forward to Facebook. I suspect the fortunes of the game to some extent follow the popularity of the so-called "real" F1.


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