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27.05.2018 23:25:46
  Additional Changes Last Race
@Maverick Can you check if Iíd set an additional change on my cup team? I see a 5 pt penalty but am pretty sure Iíd clicked the additional change option for that race. Wonít be happy if that didnít register as itís costing me a win!


Registered: 19.03.2009
Location: USA
Posts: 84

09.06.2018 15:03:48
Well, that blows. Was in the US, so made the changes at a crazily early time in the morning. Should've checked but tired minds clearly make mistakes.

Better to have made the mistake in the groups than the knockouts.


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28.05.2018 21:24:54
I have checked the entries in the main database and in the additional change log file. There is no indication that you have activated a 4th change for your Cup team. There are still 4 additional changes available (see edit team page).

I am sorry, but unfortunately I cannot find any proof of your statement

GaKra Motors

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28.05.2018 19:13:01
Oh, that ****s, man... don't know if there's much you can do about it now... did you double-check before clicking on "Update", and afterwards, too?


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28.05.2018 12:19:44
sry frosti, i saw it coincidentally some minuts before the pitlane closed and wondered about it. without checking your opponent, i thougt you wanna save up your additional change. now i see you lost because of this. very annoying, sorry.
dunno if you clicked it, but it wasnt saved apparently.


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