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29.10.2018 22:10:35
  Suggestion re. Trophies & World Ranking Points
I've been thinking this one over for a while and think it is worth voicing, given we have finals coming up in the next race.

We have 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies for the CRL, Pro League (184 teams) and Rookie League (95 entries), yet the Eliminator (240 entries) and Cup (144 entries) only have one for 1st place. Those latter two are EXTREMELY hard to get through, particularly in later stages when one mistake is terminal (at least in the leagues, you live to fight on and have a chance to recover) and I think having fewer rewards/trophies in those categories under-play the achievements of those who make it so far.

The likes of Wagen1 and crashnburn who made the finals in the Cup in recent years did AMAZING jobs getting that far, yet unlike the runners up in other competitions, they have little to show for it, which feels unfair on what they achieved.

In the Eliminator, just making the final five is an amazing feat and I have massive respect for each one of those people.

If not for this season, Maverick, I'd recommend that you consider expanding trophies to cover 2nd and 3rd in those competitions for 2019 (3rd place playoff in the Cup, at the same time as the final, for example).

In terms of world ranking points, I also think some thought could be given to those. In the Cup, why does 2nd only score 125 (the same as those knocked out in the semi finals). 2nd in the Pro League scores 250 and I'd say it should be the same for the Cup. For the Eliminator, why not tier the points between 5th and 2nd, again to give more to the highest achievers? Something like 500 for the win, 250 for 2nd, 200 for 3rd, 150 for 4th and 125 for 5th?

Thoughts from others more than welcome!


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10.11.2018 10:52:30
I would like to see more world ranking points awarded to the top finishers of the CRL. It's a quite difficult, multi-year quest to just to qualify for the race series (win something the previous year, then survive the first six races). It doesn't seem right that winning that gives the same amount of points as Professional League, which can be won by a team that drops out of the CRL, or an owner who didn't do well enough the previous year to qualify for it.

It's a bit like declaring that winning the UEFA Europa League to be equal to winning Champions League, when the former consists of teams that either couldn't qualify for, or dropped out of the latter.


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05.11.2018 17:02:44
Glad to hear the points are being revised and thanks for your thoughts as well GaKra. It'd be good for members to have an active voice on such topics, so that the site as a whole can keep improving and moving forward.

Personally, as a member, I find different achievements to be motivating, so more recognition for good achievements is a plus in my eyes (and there's no down-side to it really). I doubt I'm alone on that, but it's up to others to air their thoughts.

Agreed with GaKra was well re. having good discussions early about other areas of improvement for 2019, as I'm sure the wider fan base have plenty of other thoughts to be taken into account.

GaKra Motors

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04.11.2018 20:55:26
An interesting discussion... as for trophies in Cup and the Eliminator, I can't make up my mind, as I agree with both of you. On one hand, once you lose in the knockout stage, you're out of the competition so you won't get a trophy, just like in reality you don't get 18 points if only one car finishes and you're the last one that crashed. On the other hand, if there was a trophy for 2nd and 3rd place, whoever gets that far sure deserves to win it... also there are no "last car on the track wins" competitions in reality, at least not in Formula 1. So I can't make my mind up in this and will be happy with either version.

And what I am especially happy about is that we are talking about the hows of next season already, which means we won't have to discuss the ifs.


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03.11.2018 11:05:49
Thank you very much for your feedback.

I agree with you, the awarded World ranking points in the Cup and Eliminator competitions have to be revised. I am going to adjust the database during the next race weekend.

The Cup and the Eliminator are designed as knock-out competitions. That's why the trophies are awarded according the principle 'the winner takes it all'.

But I am interested in other opinions. It would be a pleasure to discuss about new trophies for the next season.


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