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25.08.2020 14:16:41
  2020 Race Calendar
Hi Maverick. Thanks for another great season so far!

A few questions regarding the 2020 race calendar (it seems like things have settled on a 17 race calendar, based on what I've read today) and how that'll impact the competition here...

The various points and costs pages on the site currently assume 15 races. Will the PFRL season remain at 15 races or would this extend to 17/whatever number F1 settles on? If the PFRL season does extend...

- The cost calculations take into account the number of races remaining, so would these be impacted?
- What does it mean for sub-competitions like the Eliminator? I assume the Cup wouldn't be impacted, as that structure is set, but things like the Eliminator and CRL could possibly be extended (e.g. 3 rounds instead of 2 for the Eliminator 60).

Useful to have clarity on that (when possible!), as it'd impact choices on tyre use, engine use, ERS use etc.

GaKra Motors

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30.08.2020 11:34:19
I have to agree with CarlisleFrost and Chris... amazing work as always, Maverick. And I guess it's not easy to think of all the implications the special situation might have on the game. While I enjoy back-to-back-to-back racing weekends a lot, I hope this won't have any negative impact on your motivation.

Also I'm happy about all you fellows out there enjoying this game as much as I do, trying to find the best route to the top of Mount Overall Score where we will hopefully meet at the end of the season, not caring whether we will be seperated by at least 6 points for security reasons or not.


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29.08.2020 00:44:54
amazing work at this circumstances.
with pfrl there ist still a lot of explosive things in the season


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25.08.2020 22:21:33
I am going to update the race calendar this weekend.

The next component cost adjustments will be based on 17 races.

The schedules for the Eliminator and the PFRL Cup remain unchanged. Because, I think it's not bad to have two races in reserve for these two competitions.


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