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13.12.2020 19:29:45
  Thank you all
Congratulations to Mubin Racing Team and CarlisleFrost !!!
Greetings to all and see you next season
Merry Christmas!!
we hope for a better new year


GaKra Motors

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13.12.2020 22:58:56
True, that was a hard way of winning 2nd place in overall for agentP. Losing first place by 1 point basically because the opponent was forced to choose the tyres that were the weaker ones almost all season, but not today... which of course is also a compliment to Schumacher's tyre management.


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13.12.2020 22:45:15
Thanks @spystocks and @777. I'd been close but just missed out on the Constructors one a few times in the past, so it's good to have sealed it this time. Probably the biggest trophy of my PFRL "career" to date and it made up for what was looking like it'd be a frustrating season (Cup semi finals when I was in good shape to win, never really challenging in the CRL, out early in the Eliminator, no race wins...). Kudos to katalyst for a strong season on the Constructors side too. It was a nerve-wracking final race, with both of competing for our first of the big two trophies.

Massive commiserations to agentP in the overall championship. Losing it by a point after an amazing season and looking like they had it under control coming into this weekend.

I may do a more comprehensive write-up of the year during the week, so will keep things short for now!

GaKra Motors

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13.12.2020 22:43:23
First of all, thank you very much for yet another interesting season despite all the inconveniences, Maverick. I hope we will all meet here again to have fun and fight for trophies next year. Thanks to everybody who competed, especially to those who didn't give up til the end, no matter in what region of the ranking they are.

Congratulations to Schumacher on winning the third PFRL World Championship title and the yellow 6 behind your name I'm a bit jealous of.

Congrats to CarlisleFrost on winning the Constructor's World Championship. Not a big surprize to me, as it was only a matter of time.

Congrats to Ferdel on winning the Champions Racing League against the toughest competitors out there.

Congrats to serial race winner katalyst on winning the Professional League.

Congrats to Arpy on winning the Rookie League.

Congrats to MCM on winning the Eliminator.

Congrats to FxFan77 on winning the Banana Trophy I also reached my hand out for.

Congrats to Maverick on winning the final race. Is it just me or do you almost always win the final race of a season?

Congrats to Michael Jirout on winning the trophy for highest score in a race. I already dusted a place on my shelf for it when Mercedes decided to make these fatal safety stops...

Congrats to everybody else who won something, got a personal record or just basically had fun. Especially to Keke who managed to put their teams on ranks 1 to 7 in the Fastest Race Lap Time Challenge!


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13.12.2020 21:11:40
Yes, thank you all!
Especially thank you Maverick for letting us play!! It's been great fun like allways!

Congratulations to Mubin Racing Team and CarlisleFrost for taking the championships and also congratulations to all the league winners!!


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