R03: Portimao, Portugal
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Team Budget Ranking
The team with the highest budget at the end of the season wins. Because the basic idea of the game is to collect as many points as possible, following points should be noticed: A team is penalized by 1 M. per -5 team change points in a race. A team is also penalized by 1 M. per 10 M. cash balance available in a race. Remark: The penalties are only applied within the Team Budget Ranking in case of equal team values and have no effect on the team budget.
Pos. Team Owner Points Overall Pos. Team Value Penalty
PFRL Champions Racing League Winner 2007
GER18910.84 M.0 M.
27.Team 7UP Jordan FordvelemajstorR
PFRL Rookie League Winner 2011
CRO18911.84 M.0 M.
28.The Bleeding EdgeDave AlexanderGBR18912.84 M.0 M.
29.Band-Wurm 3Band-WurmGER18813.84 M.0 M.
30.Hopopeputkoskari (R)FIN18716.84 M.0 M.
31.TeknoDetroit_GreboMatteoLCSPM18617.84 M.0 M.
32.MaytheForceIndiabewithu2coolTQUSA18619.84 M.0 M.
33.M3racersDave ArdronGBR18523.84 M.0 M.
34.Chelski Racingdave kentishGBR18426.84 M.0 M.
35.beat the fokkerGary HartGBR18427.84 M.0 M.
36.Tiggs Trotters 21Villiers2006GBR18428.84 M.0 M.
37.LMR-2L-Master EsqT
PFRL Top 25 Contender 2020
GBR18429.84 M.0 M.
38.Lameroks Racers 3chimp90GBR18332.84 M.0 M.
39.House of Speed 21FrenchyUSA18335.84 M.0 M.
40.Quattro is kingMark EvansGBR18236.84 M.0 M.
41.BoxsterRompDave ArdronGBR18237.84 M.0 M.
42.FY AberdeenNorm MacraeGBR18238.84 M.0 M.
43.Jagdschein5JagdscheinGER18239.84 M.0 M.
44.LaFamiglia Racing LFR-2Graham StapletonGBR18240.84 M.0 M.
45.cornbeefs 6cornbeefIRL18241.84 M.0 M.
46.MH3Droopy nosesGBR18242.84 M.0 M.
47.Racing For EvendaleKokaRacingAUT18244.84 M.0 M.
48.Hefeweizen RacingTodasiR
PFRL Rookie League Winner 2008
GBR18245.84 M.0 M.
49.Wilbur 31WilburGER18148.84 M.0 M.
50.Crazy CrittersFXUN
National PFRL Champion: USA 2012
USA18149.84 M.0 M.
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111 Race 3 018
513 Portimao, Portugal (30.4.2021-2.5.2021) 324

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