R01: Le Castellet, France
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Team Budget Ranking
The team with the highest budget at the end of the season wins. Because the basic idea of the game is to collect as many points as possible, following points should be noticed: A team is penalized by 1 M. per -5 team change points in a race. A team is also penalized by 1 M. per 10 M. cash balance available in a race. Remark: The penalties are only applied within the Team Budget Ranking in case of equal team values and have no effect on the team budget.
Pos. Team Owner Points Overall Pos. Team Value Penalty
76.FX Wacky RacersFxFan77AUT076.80 M.0 M.
77.EC RACING 01filmfan2001GBR077.80 M.0 M.
78.Jamo RacingJamo1970GBR078.80 M.0 M.
79.Rock Bottom RacingBouchGBR079.80 M.0 M.
80.Bouch and Plebby FXBouchGBR080.80 M.0 M.
81.Puddleduck UK RacingBouchGBR081.80 M.0 M.
82.Sunnysun21 RacingBouchGBR082.80 M.0 M.
83.Bringing up the RearBouchGBR083.80 M.0 M.
84.Bouch Barrow BoysBouchGBR084.80 M.0 M.
National PFRL Champion: Canada 2017, 2019
PFRL Top 25 Constructor 2019
CAN085.80 M.0 M.
National PFRL Champion: Canada 2017, 2019
PFRL Top 25 Constructor 2019
CAN086.80 M.0 M.
87.Crimson Satan RacingJack GreggUSA087.80 M.0 M.
88.Grahame Hill MustachesJack GreggUSA088.80 M.0 M.
89.Steve McQueen RacingJack GreggUSA089.80 M.0 M.
90.Emerson Fittipaldi RacingJack GreggUSA090.80 M.0 M.
91.Fafryn and MikeFafrynGBR091.80 M.0 M.
92.Niki Lauda RacingJack GreggUSA092.80 M.0 M.
93.Jim Clark ScotsmenJack GreggUSA093.80 M.0 M.
94.Fafryn and JoeFafrynGBR094.80 M.0 M.
95.Racing GreengoverdyGBR095.80 M.0 M.
96.WHO WANTS SOMEcrashnburnGBR096.80 M.0 M.
97.OUT OF MY WAY PEASANTcrashnburnGBR097.80 M.0 M.
98.uSureUwannaPlayAgaincrashnburnGBR098.80 M.0 M.
99.aaa1crashnburnGBR099.80 M.0 M.
100.bit late butcrashnburnGBR0100.80 M.0 M.
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110 Race 1 017
478 Le Castellet, France (26.6.2020-28.6.2020) 305

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