R03: Portimao, Portugal
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Team Budget Ranking
The team with the highest budget at the end of the season wins. Because the basic idea of the game is to collect as many points as possible, following points should be noticed: A team is penalized by 1 M. per -5 team change points in a race. A team is also penalized by 1 M. per 10 M. cash balance available in a race. Remark: The penalties are only applied within the Team Budget Ranking in case of equal team values and have no effect on the team budget.
Pos. Team Owner Points Overall Pos. Team Value Penalty
1926.Mambo racing 2PabgypostESP1221929.82 M.0 M.
1927.ATG 88 Race TeamATG88AUT1201935.82 M.0 M.
1928.DeltaHazziGER1191938.82 M.0 M.
1929.North Coast RacingRob HallUSA1171941.82 M.0 M.
1930.MRacingKimi-RaikkonenGER1161944.82 M.0 M.
1931.canadacs1CAN1151945.82 M.0 M.
1932.Beep BeepAlbertikoN
National PFRL Champion: Spain 2010
ESP1141946.82 M.0 M.
1933.Damon HillbilliesMurrayWalker (R)GBR1131947.82 M.0 M.
1934.RED DAY OUTstephen ohareGBR1111949.82 M.0 M.
1935.Bella VistaKeithUSA1041952.82 M.0 M.
1936.Gasmann5GasmannGER1381769.82 M.-1 M.
1937.Screw the PoochMargie BellUSA167502.81 M.0 M.
1938.Max PowerMargie BellUSA161825.81 M.0 M.
1939.Little Miss Speedy 2motorace_addictR
PFRL Rookie League Winner 2019
GBR1531225.81 M.0 M.
1940.HeckenschereGaKra Motors5410T
PFRL World Champion 2011, 2013, 2017
PFRL Constructors World Champion 2010, 2011
PFRL Champions Racing League Winner 2010
PFRL Cup Winner 2015, 2019, 2020
National PFRL Champion: Switzerland 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018
Continental PFRL Champion: Europe 2017
PFRL Top 25 Constructor 2020
SUI1531226.81 M.0 M.
1941.Larrys Lounge Lizards 3LarryMacIRL1521280.81 M.0 M.
1942.Fart GodNate BellUSA1511329.81 M.0 M.
1943.Couly Does ItrojblakeGBR1501423.81 M.0 M.
1944.mth gpmlagadmsC
Continental PFRL Champion: Asia 2018
CHN1441598.81 M.0 M.
1945.Calle RacingMC-CaddiGER1431637.81 M.0 M.
1946.MickMacP 4MickMacPaddywack2
National PFRL Champion: Ireland 2015, 2017
IRL1421665.81 M.0 M.
1947.mg5Margaret104USA1411703.81 M.0 M.
1948.Reserved Table WinsJon LarranceUSA1401721.81 M.0 M.
1949.What a MaroonMargie BellUSA1391745.81 M.0 M.
1950.Larrys Lounge Lizards 1LarryMacIRL1391746.81 M.0 M.
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111 Race 3 018
513 Portimao, Portugal (30.4.2021-2.5.2021) 324

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