R11: Hockenheim, Germany
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PFRL Cup - Group Stage: Overall Score Group 1
PFRL CLUB NEWS - DATE: 11.02.2018 16:25:09,  AUTHOR: Maverick (PFRL.net)
Official PFRL League for competitors who had teams on 2nd or 3rd position in race series or national championships of the season 2017. The group stage starts after race 3. The teams are split up in 16 groups. From race 4 to 14 an all-play-all tournament (11 rounds) takes place. The ranking within the groups is according to the number of match-up victories. The group leaders after race 14 are qualified for the 1/16-finals and get a free round in race 15. The 2nd and 3rd placed teams in the groups compete for the remaining 16 places in the Wildcard round. The 48 teams play-off starts after race 14 with the Wildcard round.  
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  Group Stage Overall scores
Pos. Team Owner W-T-L Streak No. Overall Race 10 Pos.
PLO1.+1208 Graham Hill111 M.PFlavio2
PFRL Top 25 Contender 2017
PFRL Top 25 Constructor 2017
WCR2.-1485 BIGWOOD CHALLENGER117 M.ODaijhi2EGER5-0-1W57.934119644.
WCR3.=170 Tom Selleck Faces111 M.OMark FeltsEUSA4-0-2W31.10661146.
4.+1353 Sfyntherick Way97 M.OspystocksN2
National PFRL Champion: Italy 2017
PFRL Top 25 Contender 2017
PFRL Top 25 Constructor 2017
5.+1033 PTeamShoey116 M.PL-Master EsqEGBR3-0-3W29.104112226.
6.-2384 AELLC394 M.ORKPoodleEUSA3-0-3L12.899861045.
7.=129 EJJ Extra94 M.OJohnstonejPGBR2-0-4L34.890791147.
8.=049 saeltzi97 M.PsaeltziPGER1-0-5L28.857901549.
9.=420 Rocky Road96 M.OOddballPGBR1-0-6L63.797762121.

152 Race 11 015
873 Hockenheim, Germany (20.7.2018-22.7.2018) 273

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