R02: Imola, Italy (1)
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Race series: New Brabham - Overall score
Champion of the season 2020: matawin (CAN);  Race series competition: Pos. 6   
Race series owner: Harddrivingidiots, E-mail address: twsb7@yahoo.com Scoring system since 2010: 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1
PFRL CLUB NEWS - DATE: 17.04.2021 21:17:48,  AUTHOR: vezinal (Team Owner)
De la belle compagnie
Mon cher Didier,
quelle ne fût pas ma joie de vous voir à mes côtés sur la première ligne pour cette course qui s'annonce intéressante...
Votre ami Lucky  
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  Race series World Championship
Pos. Team Owner W P L Overall R01OverallR01Pos.
CRL1.-552 Brabham FX B80 M.OHarddrivingidiotsPCAN1002525898990.
CUP2.-380 Fast and Furious 281 M.OjikoNT
National PFRL Champion: Canada 2020
PFRL Top 25 Contender 2020
CUP3.-250 Galaxy Casino80 M.PMaximus666PCAN00015158888164.
CUP4.-381 Fast and Furious82 M.OjikoNT
National PFRL Champion: Canada 2020
PFRL Top 25 Contender 2020
CUP5.-244 luckyluke182 M.PvezinalPCAN00010108585402.
6.-151 AverellDalton82 M.PDaltonACAN000888585404.
7.-553 Brabham FX82 M.OHarddrivingidiotsPCAN000668484448.
8.-149 luckylukeFX-182 M.PvezinalPCAN000448383618.
9.-071 Oil Surfers82 M.PMaximus666PCAN000228383632.
10.-466 turinojack80 M.PmatawinN
National PFRL Champion: Canada 2018
11.-152 JoeDalton82 M.PDaltonACAN000008282726.
12.-487 vroumvroooooooouuuuuuuuum81 M.ODavePCAN0000078781081.
13.-504 Didier Newtown Racing 172 M.PDidier NewtownPCAN0000077771160.
14.-486 dropit82 M.PDavePCAN0000077771176.
15.-428 WhatsUpMF202178 M.P2015FuryPCAN0000076761232.
16.-465 kristenteam82 M.OmatawinN
National PFRL Champion: Canada 2018
17.-429 WhatsUpBody202179 M.P2015FuryPCAN0000072721515.
18.-548 ZEEE FXB79 M.OThe ZEEESSPCAN0000072721528.
19.-549 ZEE FXA79 M.OThe ZEEESSPCAN0000070701641.
20.-503 Tow Wing Racing 277 M.PDidier NewtownPCAN0000068681718.

111 Race 2 018
513 Imola, Italy (1) (16.4.2021-18.4.2021) 323

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