R02: Imola, Italy (1)
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Race series: BOGGIT_HO - Overall score
Champion of the season 2020: cloynes (GBR);  Race series competition: Pos. 34   
Race series owner: simon loynes, E-mail address: - Scoring system since 2010: 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1
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  Race series World Championship
Pos. Team Owner W P L Overall R01OverallR01Pos.
CRL1.-425 Early Retirement 280 M.PcloynesAGBR10025258888135.
CUP2.-464 Septic Peg82 M.ORacing PenguinAGBR00018188686262.
CUP3.-426 Early Retirement 182 M.PcloynesAGBR00015158686292.
4.-166 Karkrash80 M.OBa8puss (R)AGBR00012128585376.
5.-110 Notonyournelly81 M.PBa8puss (R)AGBR00111118585377.
6.-023 Daniel Avocado Racing80 M.PDomAGBR000888484452.
7.-304 Number 2 Not A Clue78 M.PMatthew Loynes (R)AGBR000668484460.
8.-375 Ben Twilley80 M.ODOC MARTIN RACING (R)AGBR000448282742.
9.-460 Barry-R Racing80 M.PTekkersAAUS000228181789.
10.-303 Still guessing79 M.PMatthew Loynes (R)AGBR000118080856.
11.-376 Eileen Dover82 M.PDOC MARTIN RACING (R)AGBR000008080924.
12.-463 Mystic Meg79 M.PRacing PenguinAGBR0000077771136.
13.-470 Northants Neanderthal 180 M.PKeith LoynesAGBR0000077771186.
14.-551 Eggs in 1 Basket Racing81 M.OTekkersAAUS0100075751327.
15.-025 The Racing Green Mercedes79 M.PDomAGBR0000071711569.
16.-472 Cadillac BLS 175 M.Psimon loynesAGBR0000071711575.
17.-469 Cadillac BLS 273 M.Psimon loynesAGBR0000071711608.
18.-471 deja vu all over again80 M.PKeith LoynesAGBR0000068681724.
19.-027 Fafryn and Mike78 M.PFafrynAGBR0000067671738.
20.-033 Fafryn and Joe74 M.OFafrynAGBR0000051511942.

111 Race 2 018
513 Imola, Italy (1) (16.4.2021-18.4.2021) 323

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