R03: Portimao, Portugal
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Race series: Austria vs. the Rest of the World - Overall score
Champion of the season 2020: 1COOLFOX (BEL);  Race series competition: Pos. 2   
Race series owner: Maverick, E-mail address: - Scoring system since 2010: 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1
PFRL CLUB NEWS - DATE: 17.04.2021 07:38:00,  AUTHOR: Jay Funnell (Team Owner)
Race weekend number 2
Good luck everyone this weekend. Let’s all hope for another fantastic race with hopefully some more overtaking.  
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  Race series World Championship
Pos. Team Owner W P L Overall R02OverallR02Pos.
CRL1.+5277 JB-Racing79 M.PL-Master EsqT
PFRL Top 25 Contender 2020
CUP2.-1562 Singleton Speedsters81 M.PJay Funnell (R)AGBR10025017684164.
CUP3.+6244 Bouch and Plebby FX82 M.PBouchPGBR000201817492224.
CUP4.-2413 Back of the Grid83 M.PmalcdalEGBR01019117585185.
CUP5.+12025 Red Bull Racing80 M.OwiettiPGER001161616891476.
6.-3407 -EdDiE_380 M.PeddieN
National PFRL Champion: Italy 2013
7.+8301 X-Wing Motorsports81 M.P1COOLFOXEBEL000121216688555.
8.-4558 Formula Frenzy Two78 M.OMONSTEREGBR00012016071868.
9.+1197 Tora Rossi 2182 M.OFrenchyPUSA000111016988420.
10.-5518 Armata Speciale81 M.Pspystocks32
National PFRL Champion: Italy 2017, 2019, 2020
PFRL Top 25 Contender 2020
PFRL Top 25 Constructor 2020
11.=454 WHO WANTS SOME78 M.OcrashnburnEGBR0008816988422.
12.-4022 Calle2021-080 M.PMC-CaddiEGER0006216885460.
13.-6566 Las sombras80 M.PcarpizoEESP0006016884449.
14.-2356 Dick Dastardly81 M.PamonzioneEITA0006616686546.
15.-1214 Purple Dynamite82 M.O1COOLFOXEBEL0014416486669.
16.=485 VWFX82 M.OHannes HaidingerAAUT0000015880985.
17.-4210 KoenigreichBuer79 M.Osuperdigger2
PFRL Top 25 Contender 2020
PFRL Top 25 Constructor 2020
18.=028 Hooligan LandoLeche82 M.OhooliganEUSA00000150801412.
19.=085 Dan Gurney Racing78 M.PJohn GreggAUSA00000149831438.
20.=120 cs380 M.Ocs1PCAN00000128651906.

111 Race 3 018
513 Portimao, Portugal (30.4.2021-2.5.2021) 324

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