R03: Portimao, Portugal
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PFRL World Ranking 18.04.2021
The World Ranking is re-calculated at the beginning of a season and after each race. Retired competitors are not in the ranking. Competitors without teams in the current season are listed as 'inactive'. World Ranking points: The position in the PFRL World Championship is the basis. The achieved points of the last 2 seasons are added to the points of the current season. In addition bonus points are awarded for special achievements. Bonus points of the last 4 seasons will be considered. You can find the complete calculation in the rules.
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Pos. Competitor Points Points Bonus Points Bonus Points Bonus Bonus Bonus Seasons Trophies Status
126.+2Devon99 EGBR511822801839220260610060652009 - 2021131active
127.-3Ashton PUSA5101176022882525125040102004 - 2021182active
128.-5Nate Bell PUSA5097240252164552438175002019 - 202131active
129.+7Team Sonora PCUB508026702606160189710510352006 - 2021164active
130.-3amonzione EITA50591700219855243610040602012 - 2021100active
131.+12Allan ClarkeP
PFRL Professional League Winner 2014
EGBR50373090270615199200152007 - 2021154active
132.=Helen Ardron EGBR503122502254102432600502006 - 2021160active
133.=Keith Loynes AGBR502017802428125226402502018 - 202141active
134.-5VMH-Team1 AESP501988033407515160002015 - 202171active
135.-4MARK GOODWIN PGBR501317502380024580002006 - 2021160active
136.-6Schlaegle AAUT500420302758401968251002016 - 202160active
137.+2markus95 AAUT499519301892352550170251302012 - 2021101active
138.+3ObjColumnist EGBR49742050203410241065252252011 - 2021110active
139.+5saeltzi PGER49622790265211018614010102005 - 2021173active
140.+18Edd PGBR492637425229601981002502005 - 2021172active
141.+4Dennis Craig PGBR4919216025422020861510302005 - 2021173active
142.-7Tom Hewer PGBR49191940180410277611510102006 - 2021160active
143.+4Hannes Haidinger AAUT489817302420252080200002004 - 2021181active
144.-10monbell PUSA48980023023524061575652013 - 202081inactive
145.-5Gareth EGBR48891700857027723653004252014 - 202184active
146.+2David Craig PGBR48782170230075210610150202007 - 2021153active
147.-10Rollender Donner AATA48680023060255210002019 - 202020inactive
148.+1nomis f AAUT485521102620101864150002015 - 202171active
149.-3Matt BurrowsN
National PFRL Champion: United Kingdom 2013
EGBR48521460221230230440101102008 - 2021143active
National PFRL Champion: Ireland 2015, 2017
AIRL48371421252210251970801101752015 - 202173active
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111 Race 3 018
513 Portimao, Portugal (30.4.2021-2.5.2021) 324

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