R01: Sakhir, Bahrain
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PFF1 World Ranking 01.02.2022
The World Ranking is re-calculated at the beginning of a season and after each race. Retired competitors are not in the ranking. Competitors without teams in the current season are listed as 'inactive'. World Ranking points: The position in the PFF1 World Championship is the basis. The achieved points of the last 2 seasons are added to the points of the current season. In addition bonus points are awarded for special achievements. Bonus points of the last 4 seasons will be considered. You can find the complete calculation in the rules.
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Pos. Competitor Points Points Bonus Points Bonus Points Bonus Bonus Bonus Seasons Trophies Status
151.-30marvelous AAUT48750019335527427560102009 - 2021132active
152.+49Michael Jirout AAUT4851001737352624300101452007 - 2021154active
153.-87James Deacon PGBR4827001833026343532502006 - 2021164inactive
154.-46Team Rocket Racing AGBR48240017792529052515752014 - 202180inactive
155.+49kazador AVEN48100023080245250002017 - 202150inactive
PFF1 Rookie League Winner 2019
AGBR48080024341001634064002019 - 202131inactive
157.+781Wilbur AGER4782002262252460102502019 - 202130active
158.+34anpewi AGER47660024007522263510202015 - 202170active
159.+129Hausfrau AGER4766002654110192775002015 - 202160inactive
160.+64Chanti AGER47580026642451764350502015 - 202171inactive
161.-3wobbles PGBR4749002216150235825002010 - 2021121inactive
162.+23Herzinfarkt AGER47430025241102014356002019 - 202130inactive
163.-29Tim Rees PGBR473200167810276419050402010 - 2021121inactive
164.+123Axherr AGER4726002414402222401002019 - 202130inactive
165.+47Gutlos AGER471200258210019101510952015 - 202170inactive
166.+109jaja7 AGER4707002572851995401502019 - 202130inactive
167.+20cornbeef PIRL4671002750115166110125102011 - 2021115inactive
168.-35amonzione EITA466400225615219855100402012 - 2021100active
169.-42Joviopa EESP46630022145022642511002016 - 202161active
170.+106Carhin AGER4660002186652354401502019 - 202130inactive
171.-49Toppers TossersN
National PFF1 Champion: United Kingdom 2010
PGBR4647002024165226870110102007 - 2021155inactive
172.+130Meta5 AGER4641002668251923151002019 - 202130inactive
173.+46Kothy AGER46190022021522421105002019 - 202130inactive
174.-36ropagilax EVEN4615001901352414100100652010 - 2021120inactive
Continental PFF1 Champion: Asia 2017
PMAS460000215625020843040402014 - 202184inactive
7 / 21 

42 Race 1  019
3609 (113) Sakhir, Bahrain (18.3.2022-20.3.2022) 344

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