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19.07.2021 08:13:14
  Alpha Tauri Chassis Price
Hi Maverick,

I was just wondering why the A.T chassis value did not move up. According to the formula it should move up by 1 mios.

Formula: W1 = (FWG-CURVALUE)/(number of remaining races); rounded to 2 decimal places

Formula: W2 = ((FW3-CURVALUE)/(number of remaining races))*0,4; rounded to 2 decimal places limited to –1,00 and +1,00.

W= W1+W2

W1: (22-16) / 13 =0.46
W1: ((22-16) / 13) *0.4 =0.18

W= W1+W2 = 0.46+0.18 =0.64
As a conclusion 0.64>0.5

Now i realize It should have increased in the previous race too.

Could you please clarify? Maybe i am missing something.


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19.07.2021 18:36:11
Thank you very much for your feedback.

I had to adjust my Excel sheet because of the 23 races in this season. I found a small glitch in the calculation "points 3 last races" in the Chassis and Engine section (Qualifying points were missing). That's why you are right.

I have corrected the calculation now and it should be right after the next race.

Kind regards


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