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simon loynes

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26.10.2019 15:04:38

The available budget for each team seems to be very unfair. In my league some teams have a much larger budget available to them than others. It doesn't seem to be linked to position in the league. Can you please tell me how the budgets for each team are calculated.



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26.10.2019 15:32:52
After each race the costs of the components (team principal, driver, chassis, engine and tyres) are recalculated according to the obtained total points. The first modification because of the scores is realized after race 3.

A part of the game is to develop the team budget during the season. The principle is: buy low and sell high.

On the 'Component Costs' page (main menu STATISTICS) you'll find the indicators (green or red arrows) of the predicted component value changes. These indicators are also shown on the team edit page.

The calculation is described in the rules: INFO-> RULES -> COMPONENT COSTS


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