R01: Sakhir, Bahrain
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Team Budget Ranking
The team with the highest budget at the end of the season wins. Because the basic idea of the game is to collect as many points as possible, following points should be noticed: A team is penalized by 1 M. per -5 team change points in a race. A team is also penalized by 1 M. per 10 M. cash balance available in a race. Remark: The penalties are only applied within the Team Budget Ranking in case of equal team values and have no effect on the team budget.
Pos. Team Owner Points Overall Pos. Team Value Penalty
1.Haas East MotorsportsSTA MotorsportsUSA01.80 M.0 M.
2.squonk racingdavid mcavoyGBR02.80 M.0 M.
3.RuddSpeedersRuddSpeedAceGBR03.80 M.0 M.
4.RuddsAcecasRuddSpeedAceGBR04.80 M.0 M.
5.RuddsCobrasRuddSpeedAceGBR05.80 M.0 M.
6.RuddsBlastRuddSpeedAceGBR06.80 M.0 M.
7.RuddsZagatoRuddSpeedAceGBR07.80 M.0 M.
8.RuddsAceGTRuddSpeedAceGBR08.80 M.0 M.
9.Wilbur 11WilburGER09.80 M.0 M.
10.Wilbur 21WilburGER010.80 M.0 M.
11.Wilbur 31WilburGER011.80 M.0 M.
12.Wilbur 41WilburGER012.80 M.0 M.
13.Wilbur 51WilburGER013.80 M.0 M.
14.Wilbur 61WilburGER014.80 M.0 M.
15.Real Tip 1Realtip (R)GER015.80 M.0 M.
16.Real Tip 2Realtip (R)GER016.80 M.0 M.
17.Real Tip 3Realtip (R)GER017.80 M.0 M.
18.Real Tip 4Realtip (R)GER018.80 M.0 M.
19.Real Tip 5Realtip (R)GER019.80 M.0 M.
20.Real Tip 6Realtip (R)GER020.80 M.0 M.
21.ZUPO 77 1Zupo77 (R)GER021.80 M.0 M.
22.ZUPO 77 2Zupo77 (R)GER022.80 M.0 M.
23.ZUPO 77 3Zupo77 (R)GER023.80 M.0 M.
24.ZUPO 77 4Zupo77 (R)GER024.80 M.0 M.
25.ZUPO 77 5Zupo77 (R)GER025.80 M.0 M.
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42 Race 1  019
3609 (113) Sakhir, Bahrain (18.3.2022-20.3.2022) 344

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