R21: Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Fastest Race Lap time Challenge:
Remark: You will be awarded with up to 5 points per race, if you have guessed the real fastest race laptime of the next Formula 1 race accurately. The score will be decreased by 0.01 points per every thousandth difference. No minus points will be awarded.
The competitor with the highest overall score at the end of the season will be the winner of the 'Fastest Rac Lap Time Challenge'.
Pos. Team Owner Over. R01R02R03R04R05R06R07R08R09R10R11R12R13R14R15R16R17R18R19R20R21
1.BoxsterRompDave Ardron38.884.650. 
2.Juan Manuel FangioFerdel35.541.480.004.660.680.003.243.401.130.950.004.453.204.940.003.790. 
3.James HuntFerdel34. 
4.Who is the Daddy 1jules_ht33.960. 
5.Porsche4MeDave Ardron32.922.950. 
7.Ayrton SennaFerdel32.320.000.004.482. 
8.Graham HillFlavio32.320.000.004.844.570.004.653.072.174.380.000.001.454.020.000.500. 
10.FueloftheDevilDave Ardron32. 
11.Giga Byte MotorsportDavid Townsend31.771. 
13.Katalyst FXEkatalyst31.604.640. 
14.IdefixxHeinz Prueller31. 
15.Katalyst FXDkatalyst30.934.640. 
16.Niki LaudaFlavio30.870.000.004.820.000.004.472.583. 
17.Who is the rookie Daddyjules_ht30.640. 
18.Voimanen Paapalkinnonvoimanen30.612.830. 
19.Norwegian American RacingagentP30.531.840. 
20.Maverick Champion RacingMaverick30.493.890. 
21.Who is the Daddy UKSjules_ht30.480. 
22.SpitzhackeGaKra Motors30.261.400.004.710.000.001.584.494.622.690.001.580.000.000.664. 
23.DeltaAlphaDave Ardron30.234.380. 
24.Alberto AscariFlavio29.860.000.004.492.560.004.673.751.832. 
25.MiraculixxHeinz Prueller29.850. 
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152 Race 21 015
883 Abu Dhabi, UAE (23.11.2018-25.11.2018) 283

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