R10: Sochi, Russia
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Bonus points scores
Remark: The scoring is the result of correct guessed Qualifying postions and the prediction of the fastest race lap time.
Pos. Team Owner Over. R01R02R03R04R05R06R07R08R09R10R11R12R13R14R15R16R17
3.Piston Brokewobbles575589555510        
4.Mencari Hamiltondoremi571565811579        
5.MWF RacingDavid Townsend57010513095510        
7.Super Mario GPNate Bell55100010910556        
8.GManRacingTeam SuperAguriGlennL5200695751010        
9.The Crumpet RaidersNucl3ar5205555512510        
10.Aston Martin UKdave kentish505401058558        
11.GMan Racing Team BenettonGlennL4930675351010        
12.Team to aMazeGaKra Motors4900595105105        
13.Silver Arrow UK Racingdave kentish4901510581055        
14.Team V and RDavid Townsend494557085105        
17.mth gpmlagadms4710055571050        
18.Beardy Motorsportbeardydave475555057510        
19.Back Door StrangersBertuzzi4765011055105        
20.bella donnabasseck465531008870        
21.MH4Droopy noses46100110531025        
22.The Raging BullsDave Alexander466551005555        
23.Fenerbahce-Ferrari 2BabyShaq4555510055100        
24.Out by Memonbell45555555555        
25.Back to Black 20Villiers200645804959055        
1 / 85 

121 Race 10 017
568 Sochi, Russia (25.9.2020-27.9.2020) 314

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