R03: Portimao, Portugal
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Team variations: (Most Points) - Race 1
Those team variations which would have achieved in a race the most points within the available budget are displayed below.
    Components   + / - Value Cash
Pos. Team Principal Driver 1 Driver 2 Driver 3 Chassis Engine T Pts. [M.] [M.] [M.]
26.Team 55 M.Binotto, M.Russell, G.Latifi, N.Ilott, C.Alfa RomeoFerrari (Customer engine)P680550
27.Team 54 M.Wolff, T.Latifi, N.Schumacher, M.Ilott, C.WilliamsFerrari (Customer engine)P670540
28.Team 53 M.Binotto, M.Latifi, N.Schumacher, M.Ilott, C.Alfa RomeoFerrari (Customer engine)P660530
29.Team 52 M.Vasseur, F.Russell, G.Latifi, N.Ilott, C.Alfa RomeoFerrari (Customer engine)P650520
30.Team 51 M.Vasseur, F.Russell, G.Schumacher, M.Ilott, C.WilliamsFerrari (Customer engine)P630510
31.Team 50 M.Vasseur, F.Latifi, N.Schumacher, M.Ilott, C.Alfa RomeoFerrari (Customer engine)P630500
32.Team 49 M.Vasseur, F.Russell, G.Latifi, N.Ilott, C.WilliamsFerrari (Customer engine)P610490
33.Team 48 M.Vasseur, F.Russell, G.Schumacher, M.Ilott, C.HaasFerrari (Customer engine)P590480
34.Team 47 M.Vasseur, F.Latifi, N.Schumacher, M.Ilott, C.WilliamsFerrari (Customer engine)P590470
35.Team 46 M.Vasseur, F.Russell, G.Latifi, N.Ilott, C.HaasFerrari (Customer engine)P570460
36.Team 45 M.Vasseur, F.Latifi, N.Schumacher, M.Ilott, C.HaasFerrari (Customer engine)P550441
37.Team 44 M.Vasseur, F.Latifi, N.Schumacher, M.Ilott, C.HaasFerrari (Customer engine)P550440
38.Team 43 M.Roberts, S.Latifi, N.Schumacher, M.Ilott, C.HaasFerrari (Customer engine)P510430
39.Team 42 M.Vasseur, F.Schumacher, M.Mazepin, N.Ilott, C.HaasFerrari (Customer engine)P47-1420
40.Team 41 M.Vasseur, F.Latifi, N.Mazepin, N.Ilott, C.HaasFerrari (Customer engine)P45-1401
41.Team 40 M.Vasseur, F.Latifi, N.Mazepin, N.Ilott, C.HaasFerrari (Customer engine)P45-1400
42.Team 39 M.Roberts, S.Latifi, N.Mazepin, N.Ilott, C.HaasFerrari (Customer engine)P41-1390
43.Team 38 M.Steiner, G.Latifi, N.Mazepin, N.Ilott, C.HaasFerrari (Customer engine)P35-1380
2 / 2 

111 Race 3 018
513 Portimao, Portugal (30.4.2021-2.5.2021) 324

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