R03: Portimao, Portugal
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Race series: AAE Premier League - Overall score
Champion of the season 2020: Revolux (ITA);  Race series competition: Pos. 67   
Race series owner: Maxwell, E-mail address: - Scoring system since 2010: 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1
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  Race series World Championship
Pos. Team Owner W P L Overall R02OverallR02Pos.
CRL1.+4201 House of Speed 2181 M.OFrenchyPUSA100352518310135.
CUP2.+1242 Sunnysun21 Racing81 M.PBouchPGBR010271217085359.
CUP3.-2405 RED FOX Racing81 M.P1COOLFOXEBEL100250154671169.
4.=442 Gueni Racing83 M.OMatzenbacherAGER000221016985408.
5.+14307 Los bastardos81 M.OcarpizoEESP0001818154941170.
6.-4555 Formula Frenzy Five78 M.OMONSTEREGBR000180146601545.
7.+3023 RALF CAN RETURN 183 M.PralfN
National PFRL Champion: United Kingdom 2018
8.+7553 Extremadura Equipe Espana82 M.PArrowsN
National PFRL Champion: Spain 2005
9.-3512 Christine81 M.PMCME
PFRL Eliminator 2020
10.+7024 JASPERS JOLLY JAPES 181 M.Proger alfordPGBR00066146801559.
11.-4484 Nelson Piquet Racing81 M.PJohn GreggAUSA00160140611720.
12.-3022 Calle2021-281 M.OMC-CaddiEGER00042153751265.
13.+1523 Matias 382 M.OMatiasEUSA00044150791417.
14.-6450 bit late but78 M.OcrashnburnEGBR00040141631695.
15.+1025 Rhein-Ahr75 M.PNokiamannAGER00011140741735.
16.-4410 tboy c79 M.OtboyAGBR00000147731528.
17.-6109 Nether Novas80 M.PJohnny BellPUSA00000142661673.
18.-5023 Hemmessen80 M.PNokiamannAGER00000139651755.
19.-1035 Kimi 2k21 WDC81 M.PyonsonPUSA00000134701845.
20.=030 Renault Legenden76 M.OwiettiPGER00000124731921.

111 Race 3 018
513 Portimao, Portugal (30.4.2021-2.5.2021) 324

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