R03: Portimao, Portugal
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PFRL World Ranking 18.04.2021
The World Ranking is re-calculated at the beginning of a season and after each race. Retired competitors are not in the ranking. Competitors without teams in the current season are listed as 'inactive'. World Ranking points: The position in the PFRL World Championship is the basis. The achieved points of the last 2 seasons are added to the points of the current season. In addition bonus points are awarded for special achievements. Bonus points of the last 4 seasons will be considered. You can find the complete calculation in the rules.
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Pos. Competitor Points Points Bonus Points Bonus Points Bonus Bonus Bonus Seasons Trophies Status
National PFRL Champion: Turkey 2009
PTUR4083233019062519190002006 - 2021162active
227.-1Oli Goodacre PGBR40802160179025202425002005 - 2021175active
228.-11Dave PCAN406611701940251959150102008 - 2021142active
229.+6kazador AVEN40612310245250130300252017 - 202150active
230.-2sicone EGBR404817501555023180002016 - 202160active
231.-10RDB PGBR4048165023320153601502014 - 202180active
232.-3Racing Penguin AGBR403618401871125180605002018 - 202141active
233.+4Enzo VR EJPN4030235017483519071060352009 - 2021132active
234.-4BigPack AGER4030158025747510882511002018 - 202140active
235.-1Herzinfarkt AGER398725425201435159960002019 - 202130active
236.-9Moblees Racers AGBR3987490190910199400252014 - 202180active
237.-4Glasuhr AGER39751190257220123925002019 - 202130active
238.-16anpewi AGER39691612522263514271020652015 - 202170active
239.-3Michael1 PAUT394611301868018902525252011 - 2021111active
240.+1Presi AAUT3944158018970163901251252015 - 202173active
241.-1doremi PMAS3942207019912516592525102014 - 202180active
242.+3NurderBeste PGER3926216021402514003535752016 - 202160active
243.=Bluemotion AGBR39171730206601578010002014 - 202181active
244.=Kothy AGER390816802242110133850002019 - 202130active
245.+3dave kentish PGBR388834001495101683102101402004 - 2021186active
246.-4Jimmy H PGBR385614801475020880135102013 - 202191active
247.+10Mark Evans PGBR383332701498101898100002019 - 202130active
248.+13Graham Stapleton PGBR3827322017581017071010102004 - 2021180active
249.+5David Townsend3
National PFRL Champion: Australia 2013, 2018, 2019
EAUS38082310161513517321010752010 - 2021126active
250.+5Brakeman EUSA379923602158014050002013 - 202191active
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111 Race 3 018
513 Portimao, Portugal (30.4.2021-2.5.2021) 324

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