R01: Melbourne, Australia
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1. Alpha 1 (Nicolaas on Wheels)
2. Here to win (Paperboy)
3. Bottas the Wingman (Paperboy)
1. Alpha 1 (Nicolaas on Wheels)
2. Bottas the Wingman (Paperboy)
3. Rubicon2 (jsk8sfastr)
Lada Racing Club (zavtraleto)
Lap Time 1:25.581
RACE DATE: 15.03.2020 - 58 LAPS
Australian Race 2020  


Pure Fantasy Racing League

is not just a simple prediction game. It is a Fantasy Formula sports game from Austria for Monoposto racing fans from all over the world.

Be a PFRL Manager and create your own Fantasy Racing Teams within the available budget. There is not 1 Formula for the best team. 1 Formula does not lead you to the victory, but maybe different strategies. Not the F1-key, but the Forum and the rules will help you in case of questions.

Take part in following competitions and leagues:

• PFRL World Championship
• PFRL Constructors World Championship
• National or Continental Championships
• Official, Public or Private Leagues
• PFRL Eliminator Competition
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Latest News

Welcome to the PFRL season 2020!

Toro Rosso has been renamed in Alpha Tauri. Esteban Ocon replaces Nico Hülkenberg at Renault and Nicholas Latifi drives for Williams instead of Robert Kubica.

Adapted PFRL feature:
Secrecy team-components: You can now hide your team from other competitors, at the request of some players, without losing any money.

I am looking forward to an exciting 17th Fantasy Formula 1 season.

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How to become a PFRL champion

One of the major keys to winning is to sign up for the maximum number of teams allowed. It increases your chances. It makes no sense to have less than three teams as three teams are required to join into the constructors competiton!

They are starting to test the new cars this week and you can begin to evaluate the teams. Follow it all on the F1 website.

I wish everyone great racing!!

Alan_T_Riley - 17.02.2020 19:41:23
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Career scores
Pos. Competitor Rating
1. MaxwellC 96.13%
2. MaverickW 96.07%
3. 777W 96.07%
4. beamW 95.59%
5. SchumacherW 95.45%
6. ChrisN 95.36%
7. katalystN 94.94%
8. Silent ChuckW 94.78%
9. DominikW 94.64%
10. CarlisleFrostC 94.64%
Career Constructors
Pos. Competitor Rating
1. CarlisleFrostC 97.80%
2. DominikW 97.63%
3. SchumacherW 96.58%
4. 777W 96.39%
5. MaxwellC 96.31%
6. MaverickW 95.75%
7. Rick LamkieC 95.71%
8. katalystN 94.76%
9. beamW 94.44%
10. Silent ChuckW 94.42%
Expert Haettiwari
Pos. Tip Qualifying (Race 1)
1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Max Verstappen
3. Valtteri Bottas
Pos. Tip Race result
1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Max Verstappen
3. Charles Leclerc
Predicted Fastest Race Lap
Lewis Hamilton (1:25.109) - Lap 55 

41 Race 1 017
135 Melbourne, Australia (13.3.2020-15.3.2020) 305

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